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Natural Interventions for Fleas on Cats

Fleas are tiny, flat-bodied insects that enjoy sucking blood from mammals. However they are common in rodents, dogs, and even cats. The tiny creature can be quite harmful to your pets. It is good to address the issue as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you might just find the fleas jumping all over the house. These creatures are not just deadly because they snack on your blood; they also transmit some bad diseases. If you have cats with a flea problem, you can use the following tips to resolve this naturally.

Try out Salt
Salt is very convenient when killing eggs and larvae from fleas. Thanks to the drying properties of salt you can have the cats beddings and furniture completely free from flea. All you need to do is sprinkle a little salt on the beddings and furniture. You might also decide to put some salt in boiling water and soak the cat in it. However, to avoid burning the cat, you should make sure the water is lukewarm.

Dish washing Liquid
Dish washing liquid works well as a flea repellent. All it takes is for you to put in some few drops of the liquid into the regular water your cat uses for bathing. This kills fleas immediately. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that you rinse the liquid off the cat entirely to avoid skin irritation.
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Use Rosemary
Rosemary leaves are an excellent anti-inflammatory. This allows your cat to grow back hair in places it lost it from itches. You can apply rosemary in two ways. The first, is to crush it into powder form and sprinkle it on the furniture and bedding of the cat. The other way to apply it is by making a mixture of rosemary and water that you can power inside your cat’s bathing water. It is good to note that this is one of the most effective flea treatments for cats.
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Aloe Vera Juice
This is another home remedy you can try for dealing with fleas. You can make an anti-flea spray by mixing aloe juice and cayenne pepper in a bottle. On the other hand, you can apply a mixture of aloe juice and essential oil directly on your cat’s coat.

Try a Hot and Soapy Water Trap
Light attracts fleas. At night fleas will move in the direction of a light they see. You can use this knowledge to set a trap using hot soapy water. This can be done by putting the bowl of hot water below a nightlight. This will lure the fleas in the direction of the bowl once they see the nightlight. They then get blinded by the light, which allows them to fall and drown in the water.