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Ways Which an Organization Can Comply with HIPAA Requirements Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)has been in place for a long time, and its objective is to bring sanity into the health sector by making sure that administrative procedures are in line with the act and enhancing the privacy and security of patient information. This Act has a broad scope and has significant influence for not only medical professionals in hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and dental hospitals but also for other players in the health industry can access personal health information such as call center agents, health equipment and machine suppliers and the insurance company team. For a long time, there has been laxity in law enforcement, and offenders have not had stiff penalties for breaking the law with regards to HIPAA confidentiality and security requirements for managing patient information. Nowadays, the trend is gradually changing, and there are company audits, and those who are found guilty of not conforming to the HIPAA act are handed stiff penalties. To help you operate by the regulations of HIPAA, here are some ways which you could help you through. Hire the services of HIPAA compliance officer – This person should have undergone HIPAA education and training and completed the course, and he should spearhead the reforms in the company which helps the company to conform to the HIPAA policies. Train the organization employees so that they understand the HIPAA requirements which are relevant to the company – You should conduct employee training so that they are aware of the requirements of HIPAA which touch on the company operations. This training should aim at those employees who have access to patient information which the company has.
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Make sure that there is proper storage of patient information – The Company should have measures which restrict the access to patient information and records. All devices such as computers containing this vital information should have proper security control measures with antivirus software. It should have an up to date antivirus software installation.
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These procedures will put in a better place to comply with the HIPAA provisions. Most importantly, hiring a professional HIPAA compliance officer is the most important step, and you must ascertain that this individual has the right training and experience concerning HIPAA compliance. This person should roll out programs which help the company to meet the requirement of HIPAA act such as training and educating employees, proper confidentiality and safeguarding patient data and backing up such information. HIPAA compliance training is essential for your firm and following these basic steps will give you a platform for equipping your personnel with all the information they need adhere to HIPAA requirements, and this will be beneficial to your company as you will comply with the law and there are no risks of litigation which may be costly.