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The Difference Between Learnership,Internship and Apprenticeship One of the best ways of getting quality experience in your career of choice and getting compensated simultaneously is through learnerships. In some parts of the world these learnerships might be called internships or even apprenticeships. However, these three all mean different things despite their similarities. Intricately, learnerships simply refer to a training position program where someone goes for a season to be able to bridge between the education they have received in school and to get some practical knowledge from vocational training. It helps act as a link between learning, which is structured and gives experience in a given profession. It is usually a combination of theoretical work and practical work at the work place, after which one becomes qualified and registered. In South Africa, such qualifications become registered on the National Qualifications Framework. After a learnerships is completed, one is usually awarded a certificate that shows they have achievements to a certain level. On the other hand, internships tend to refer to programs, which are majorly designed for individuals within degree or diploma programs, one may be finished or still pursuing the course of study. There are two major kinds of internships. Some internships are paid, while others are not paid, though people still do them to gain the required skills. Internships usually go for a certain period. The duration can be any time from a week to as long as a year. Many courses taken on campus usually have the requirement of an internship completion as part of the fulfillment of the study course.
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Finally, you have probably heard of apprenticeships. As a matter of fact, apprenticeships have been present for a very long time and they are related to corporate and formal sectors. No, they are present even in the informal sector. An apprenticeship usually happens with hands-on jobs, for instance, things such as plumbing, carpentry, cooking, electrical work, engineering, and the like. This program can go on for several years depending on the intensity and what needs to be learned. Some of these programs an go on for a period of three to four years. Since the experience and skills acquired are particular to the trade, the trainee can easily start their own practice or they can get an opportunity to work for the individual training them.
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So, in a nutshell, learnership jobs are mostly suitable for individuals that have completed their level of education up to the twelfth grade. Those individuals who have just completed their diplomas or degrees opt for internships but for those who need to sharpen a specific skill, using apprenticeship for a period of three to four years can be very beneficial.