How Maths Tutors Can Make Maths Enjoyable

For the majority of the student population in Singapore, mathematics is at worst seen as a chore, at best a stressful challenge. Seldom do students get enthusiastic at the prospect of learning a new maths concept or tackling new problems. Instead, they labour to overcome each variation of the obstacle, fearful of failure. It is therefore common for parents to wonder how they can inculcate some level of enjoyment for mathematics into their children. One way would be to hire the right maths tutor for your child.

Firstly, getting a h2 maths tutor who focuses on the whys rather than the how could help your child discover an inquisitive side of them that they often forget to express. Often times in school, due to restrictive resources, teachers have to resort to getting their children to master maths questions through repetitive practice. Moreover, when mistakes are made, teachers have to squeeze in their explanations within lesson times. Consequently, students made not feel comfortable clearing additional doubts or airing questions which they are unsure as to how to phrase.

Secondly, real life application by maths tutors helps students to better understand a concept and to apply their theory effectively. For example, calculating the rate of change is often an abstract topic that is kept to 2 dimensional graphics on a piece of paper. However, a maths tutor who puts effort could apply the theory to a hill or road in town, getting his/her student to derive the rate of change of the slope. Suddenly, the student has reason to apply the theory in his/her daily life, thus helping them to master the topic over time.

Thirdly, maths tutors who reward accomplishment of small milestones could heighten the enjoyment of mastery. After all, students are human too and thus are receptive to positive reinforcement. An interesting twist on this method involves rewarding students not for scoring good results but rather for constant application of mathematics concepts in their daily life. Doing so removes the associated stress with scoring good results for the sake of it. Taking its place is reward for enjoying the application of each mathematical theory.

Maths tutors who are attentive to students’ needs, enthusiastic about the subject and willing to go the extra mile could help to spark a real interest in mathematics for your child. This goes beyond any exam or any classroom, and could have a strong impact on their long term prospects.