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Fire Extinguishers – The Best Types It is mandatory for buildings to have fire extinguishers in different countries based on legislation of such countries. This legislation has been put in place as a protective measure since fire can start any time just like any other accident. In many countries, fire is classified as a natural calamity. Based on this classification, many insurance companies offer insurance products that insure people and properties against fire. It is however important to ensure that ample protection is installed against fire since evidence of this must be produced so that compensation can be sought. Different types of fire extinguishers exist in the market today. It should however be noted that fire extinguishers are only used to put off small fires. There are dangers that are linked to putting off huge fires hence this should not be done using small extinguishers. This type of fire should be put off using large commercial water cannons or fire engines. Since fire extinguishers are for small scale fire extinguishing, they should therefore be light and easily portable. Most fire extinguishers are cylindrical with heavy metallic materials being used to make them. The cylindrical part of the extinguisher is the part that holds the fire extinguishing agent such as water or carbon dioxide. There is usually high pressure within the chamber for easy release of the extinguishing agent during fire fighting. Fire extinguishers should not be heavy so that one can easily operate them by hand. There should therefore be a balance between the material being strong enough to protect against the agent and portability.
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There are two types of fire extinguishers in the market. The first type is called the stored pressure extinguisher. This type of extinguisher usually has the repellant and the fire fighting agent being in the same chamber. This type of fire extinguisher can be found in many parts of the world. The cartridge operated extinguisher is the second one. This one usually has a separate cartridge in which the fire extinguishing agent is put. Two separate chambers make this type of extinguisher difficult to use hence it is not as popular as the stored pressure fire extinguisher.
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It is also possible to have classification of commercial fire extinguishers as either hand-held extinguishers or cart-pushed extinguishers. The classification is based on methods of relocating the extinguisher from place to place. Case in point are fire extinguishers whose portability allow for only one person to move them from place to place. Such fire extinguishers are called hand-held extinguishers and this actually makes them very popular in different parts of the world. Cart-pushed extinguishers are usually heavy and therefore are pushed using special carts. The levels of fire extinguishing agents within cart-pushed fire extinguishers is usually high hence contributing to the extra weight. It is possible to find all the above mentioned fire extinguishing equipment in most commercial fire extinguisher stores that can be found in different parts of the world.