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A a large piece of fabric cut into a rectangle shape designed with some pictures and images of different designs is known as a photo blanket.It could be used as a blanket, bed covers or even as a decorative object.In the recent past people have used photo blankets cloths that said something about people, things or even symbols just to tell a story or show something historical about it.

Different people use photo blankets and quilts for different purposes including gifts during Christmas, birthday and weddings; others use it for decoration purposes while others use it to warm themselves in or outside their houses.When it comes to home d?cor there are a lot of useful functions that photo blankets could be used for such as furniture coverings, door mats and wall decorations among others.You can say that photo blankets are as old the fabrics itself.For the longest time people have learned to use photo blankets to tell stories, as a form of art and even the best way to honor the dead.

There are three forms in which photo blankets are made.These include the knitted photo blankets, dyed photo blankets, and even the woven photo blankets.The woven photo blanket is one of the most complex types there is.The digital software in the jacquard loom has software that helps it to scan pictures and create the respective patterns.A woven picture blanket will be made from the process, but the yarns in the process will have been each rolled at a difference of ninety degrees from the other.

There are two forms of wooden photo blankets which are inclusive of the afghan and the tapestry photo blanket. There will be two different yarns with two different diameters in the tapestry wooden photo blanket. There is no difference in the diameter size of the yarns that make up the afghan wooden photo blanket.It is the warp that contains the different colors of yarn which are then combined to ensure that the final product is as accurate as possible.

Other then the fact that the scanning process is the same in the knitted photo blanked production too there is a slight difference in the yarn workout since a loop technique is used instead.The above process is better that this in the sense that it can be used to produce a photo blanket of a lot of colors unlike in the knitted photo blanket.The latest and the most common process today is the dyed photo blanket.This is simply made by modern machines which simply paste dyes on fabrics from the digital pictures.The production in as much as it comes with digital images is a good thing when it comes to choosing your preference of picture collage blankets.Image quality and clarity is in every way the best in a dyed photo blanked compared to the other.

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