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Preparing for a UK Travel The impact of UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union has tremendously put the British pound plunging against the dollar, which has resulted into more US travelers popping across the Atlantic to spend their summer vacation their. While it’s true that traveling to UK is much cheaper now, still it would be much wiser if you could save more by doing your homework on the internet and making your own travel itinerary. Always put priority on saving for spending money months ahead or even a year, so that traveling can be afforded and be suited to the amount which you have stocked up. Also another way to save when going for a trip is to book for your room accommodation in advance. In a 2014 travel survey, London has been rated as the second most-visited city in the world, after Hong Kong, and that means there is bound to be more influx of tourists, now that the dollar has strengthened, and by this, should make you research more and decide as to when you should travel where the tourist peak is at its lowest.
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Normally, when you travel to UK, you might be tempted to take a further trip to Europe as the proximity is just close, so plan carefully and ahead on these travel possibilities and prepare for sufficient funds for you to realize your dream trip. There will be a realistic possibility that moving about to Europe after your UK trip might cause some hassles with visa, customs, immigration requirements, ever since the UK withdrawal. For as long as you’re a citizen of an English-speaking country, no visa is required to enter UK and that you can stay for as long as six months. It would still be a good idea to check on the latest travel requirements to UK, as stricter requirements may be asked due to the tightening of security measures.
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Preparing for your spending money currency should be prepared ahead, such that it would be better to exchange your dollar to British pounds. Always call first your bank for advice just in case you would prefer to use your debit/credit cards when you travel. When you are in England, it would be a memorable experience to commute from one place to another in Central London by taking one of their famous London black cabs, or save money by riding on their decker buses or go subway; but, get hold of an Oyster card, which is a discount travel ticket to the city’s public transport. But if these transports can be a drain in your pocket, try and enjoy walking in London. Try taking the train if you plan to see the countryside of Bath and Glasgow and the journey will be worth seeing. It will be far cheaper for you to buy or bring a small cell phone and secure a local number than use your own cell phone which will cost you more for the roaming charges and fees. A good saving measure is to have a smartphone which you can connect through Wi-fi and your communications are free of charge.