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Why Hire a Professional for Shower Repair?

It is not all the time that home repairs are easy and when things are complicated, then you should call a professional for the repair. You might think that a leaking shower is easy to repair, but the reality is that it can be a very complex task. Depending on where the leak is coming from, the tiles shower will need to be broken down. Only professional plumbers have the knowledge and skills to do these repair jobs.

Your probably might just need a shower head replacement if there is water running out of a connection between your shower head and the wall. Replacing the shower head is the way to solve this problem. If the shower handles leaks or when there is moisture behind the wall at the valve, then that is a more complicated shower leak issue.

You should call a plumber at once if there is moisture from behind the wall. If you can reach the pipes and valves on the other side of the wall and the tiled wall itself is not damaged, then it may be possible to repair the leak from the backside. The problem can easily be located by the professional plumber so as to minimize the damage.

It need a breaking down of the whole wall and the drywall replaced if the wall has been exposed to moisture from behind and are causing the tiles to come loose. If the studs are wet, then they have to be completely dried before processing. You will need to replace the tiles that have been broken.

After the leak has been located, the plumber determines whether to replace the valve or the pipe itself, but if there things are to be removed then it can be hindered by the age of the valve and the amount of time that it has been leaking. You cannot easily remove the valve if it has already rusted and has gathered debris and are sticking well. But those in the industry know how to get the pipes loosed.

If you have standing water around the base of the exterior of your tub or shower, then water is getting through the wall, under the entire fixture and running out. It is also possible that there is a crack around the drain or in the bottom of the tub or shower. A shower pan cannot easily be replaced. In this case the tub or shower bottom needs to be removed which requires breaking out additional tiles.

What makes a plumbing leak complex is not really the repair. That is the easy part. Exposing the leaking area and removing the materials for repair is the most difficult part of the process. It is very easy to damage more property than necessary during discovery and removal. Then more parts and labor are involved replacing the original parts.

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