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How to Buy an Elliptical Trainer

Many people love to have and use an elliptical trainer at home for several good reasons. While we always think about treadmills and exercise bikes as the conventional exercise machines, elliptical trainers are rapidly gaining a share of the market these days. The biggest advantage of this type of equipment is that it comes with cushioned pedals combined with a drive system designed for a smoother use, offering the same benefits to that of jogging or walking. If running or jogging constantly puts your feet and joints at risk of getting injured, this one doesn’t because there is a support from the pedal and the design of the machine overall.

Also, elliptical machines are a very efficient means of working out because it simultaneously develops both your upper and lower body, a feature that only a few workout machines can lay claim on. Anyway, when you’re purchasing a new elliptical machine, you do have to first learn what to look for in them since not all of them are the same and that one could have a lot of advantages to you while others find the same machine useless.

So the best elliptical machines have the following features:
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1 – Flywheel must be of topnotch quality
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The best elliptical machine out there is the one with a heavy flywheel, because based on how this equipment works, the heavier the flywheel is the smoother the circular motion will be. So go on look for a machine equipped with at least a 25-pound flywheel.

2 – Resistance level options

Choose an elliptical trainer with multiple resistance levels if you really are dead serious in reaching the peak of your physical fitness and strength. In order to maximize your training routine and make sure there is progress, you need to get an elliptical with at least 16 resistance levels.

3 – Incline is adjustable

It also is helpful to have a machine with an adjustable incline, the reason of which is for you to be able to change your stride length and shift focus of your workout to include the development and improvement of several muscle groups.

4 – Quiet magnetic braking

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even consider an elliptical machine that doesn’t use magnetic braking for resistance because it only means it is outdated. You should know that a modern elliptical should have a magnetic braking system because it is the most effective way of making sure that the transition or switch to one resistance level is smooth and quiet and won’t have any clunking or jerking sound.

5 – Product warranty and good customer service

Last but not the least, make it a point to purchase an elliptical machine that comes with a comprehensive warranty which includes replacement for defective parts and labor. Furthermore, try to dig in a little deeper on the company’s history and find out if they are good enough when it comes to customer service, more particularly on how they respond to customer complaints and questions.

Remember all those qualities we mentioned for you to be able to finally get your hands on the best elliptical machine for your workout needs.